Polestar 2 connected app — a review

The app is not exactly loved by the users.

What is the purpose of the app? Who is it for?

I already own the car. I don’t think I’m the main audience for buying another at this point.
I already have the car. Why would I need this here anymore? Especially in an app I’m using daily.
Thanks, but I’m on Android. The phone this app is currently running is not an iOS device!


It doesn’t quite look like the in-car system either.
Some of the transitions make sense, some not so much.

Digital key functionality

Error handling

One of the better error messages of the app.
Never blame the user! It’s not “my” request, it’s the app. Rephrase this to not to include “your” and provide a direct retry button. Even better, explain exactly what request it was. Techies understand what a “request” is but normal users might be confused with the term.
What functionality was that? Tell exactly what failed.
Is this an error? Why do you let me try to do something that I can’t do? Show it in the controls directly. “Car in use, controls disabled” and don’t let me press them.
This is the most annoying ones I’ve seen so far. “Use the touch screen in the car” is a very wide definition. If you want me to do something, tell me exactly what! For this to be improved, I’d add a link to “show me how” page or something similar.


A closing thought about connected car apps




Dad | Founder, CTO @snappmobile_io | acting CEO @snappautomotive | GDE, Android | GDG-Android Munich organiser

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Juhani Lehtimäki

Juhani Lehtimäki

Dad | Founder, CTO @snappmobile_io | acting CEO @snappautomotive | GDE, Android | GDG-Android Munich organiser

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