Polestar 2 Android Automotive OS infotainment system — a review(ish)

Android Auto vs. Android Automotive

Image source: https://www.bmw.com/en/innovation/bmw-android-auto.html
Image source: https://www.polestar.com/de/news/a-new-frontier-polestar-2-s-infotainment-system/


Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash
Everything is just a click away
Changes to drive modes can be done in seconds and none of the important settings are hidden behind menus etc.
Cruise control, volume and media controls are all handled from the steering wheel.
You do not need to reach for the touch screen buttons. Just tell what temperature you want, or ask for warmer or colder.


The car knows which audio books I’ve been listening to and as well as the exact spot I left it last time.

Play Store and 3rd party apps

This is all apps, scrolled all the way down. The scroll bar tells you that there really aren’t very many apps in the store yet.
One of the most under appreciated features of Google Play is that you can install from your laptop browser directly to any device, including your AAOS powered car!

Is Android Automotive OS ready / stable?

Polestar software

“Stock” Android Automotive OS as it looks like in the Android Emulator.
At the top of the screen you have 4 static toggle-button shortcuts you can use to directly jump into certain parts of the system.
Car settings are clearly categorised and easy to access
More rarely used settings are hidden in the “more” menu.
Google Maps, including navigation instructions, are shown right in front of the driver.

Google AAOS and EV life

Google Maps tells you how much charge you have left when you arrive. By my experience, it has been extremely accurate.
A route with charging stops is automatically planned for you.
Charging prices vary a lot between different providers. I need to be able to select my preferred providers.
This UI is both, difficult to use and ugly.
I can plan and save a route on my phone and load it up in the car UI later.

TL;DR — Conclusion



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