Running a Company


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My resume (for context):

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Finding a partner

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Planning your business — doesn’t work

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Finding customers

Dealing with customers, permanently temporary

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It’s all your fault

Success is luck, timing and hard work.. But mostly luck

A founder = a recruiter, a sales person and an accountant — and the leftover projects — with many bosses

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Hiring people

Cost of people

Permanently temporary customers and instant urgency

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Parting thoughts and future (TL;DR)

Anyways, I feel lucky. This is my son Askold and our frenchie Leeloo. I feel blessed for having my family and a wife who keeps on supporting me going through all the learnings of running my company. It’s not always easy to be married to me.

Founder and Android lead at Snapp Mobile. Co-lead of GDG Android Munich. Author: Smashing Android UI. Android GDE.