Charging your first EV

Your home wallbox

There’s a lot of different options for a wallbox.

230v, a wall plug

It’s possible to charge your car from a normal domestic wall plug. It might take few days but if you’re staying longer, this is an easy option.
When charging from a domestic wall plug. Lower the Amps to avoid problems.

Public chargers

Charging providers and charging aggregators

I recommend getting multiple charging cards and apps just in case. This way you will always have a backup if something fails of the chargers are full.

Curbside charging / destination charging

Curbside charging is for you if you don’t have your own wallbox yet. It’ll take multiple hours to have the battery full.
Some hotels offer chargers in their parking areas. Your battery will be full in the morning.

Rapid charging

Rapid chargers charge your car while you take a break yourself. Usually 20–60 min.
Your next car should be an EV.




Dad | Founder, CTO @snappmobile_io | acting CEO @snappautomotive | GDE, Android | GDG-Android Munich organiser

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Juhani Lehtimäki

Juhani Lehtimäki

Dad | Founder, CTO @snappmobile_io | acting CEO @snappautomotive | GDE, Android | GDG-Android Munich organiser

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